Technology is affecting the way we learn

No one can deny the impact of technology on human lives. Technology is driving every aspect of our life in one way or another. Whether we say it is for better or worse, we all live in the world shaped by technology. Technology is guiding our inception, growth, belief, mindset, emotion, communication, or even our existence. The Internet, who is the core source of communication in the technology-driven world, dominates our lives. We cannot imagine human life without the Internet anymore. When we want to know anything, even before asking ourselves, we ask the Internet.

As technology is affecting every aspect of human life, then how learning can be unaffected. Yes! Technology has transformed the way we learn more exceptionally then we can think. There are many real examples in which one can argue that education has not changed, and the foundational system still exists. I agree, but who has ever imagined that the blackboard will move from the classroom to the mobile screen or we can keep thousands of books in our pocket on a smartphone device. So let us look at some of the ways by which we can conclude that technology has transformed the way we learn:

Accessibility and reach – With the help of technology, education’s accessibility and reach have grown many folds. The Internet is providing access to education to everyone at any given point in time. The barrier of geographies does not exist anymore. One can learn from different parts of the world by sitting at their own home.

Customized learning – Where in the past, there was a concept of one size fits all. Learning used to happen in-group, where everyone was reading the same book at the same pace. However, it is not valid, not anymore. With the help of technology, one can learn the way he/she wants. There is an immense option available to choose, be it a course or instructor.

Latest and on time – Previously, a book or study materials used to come at least on a year gap as it used to take time to get it printed and make it available to the students or library for reference. Now, the latest information is available immediately in every possible way. The pace of sharing has become too fast.

Interactivity – Online education is becoming interactive by every passing day. The latest product of educational technology companies has made learning so much fun. There are so many new teaching methods for kids and adults to teach complex concepts quickly.

Collaboration – Earlier, the partnership was limited to the classroom or a group. However, now the collaboration is happening across schools, colleges, universities, or even countries in the virtual environment. It is not limited to the students only, but it is happening with teachers too.

We all agree that technology is a powerful tool that is transforming education and our life. It is helping to make learning easier worldwide. Anywhere anytime, knowledge is becoming a reality with the help of the Internet and smartphones’ accessibility. We all should be hopeful about the bright future ahead for every student and teacher.

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